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Agricultural Area Security Law

The Agricultural Area Security Law - Act 43 the enalbling legislation for Agricultural Security Areas and the Easement Purchase Program was most recently Amended in June of 2013. Agricultural security areas are intended to promote more permanent and viable farming operations over the long term by strengthening the farming community's sense of security in land use and the right to farm. Agricultural security areas are created by local municipalities in cooperation with individual landowners who agree to collectively place at least 250 acres in an agricultural security area.  For complete information related to the establishment and maintenace of an ASA please refer to the following documents:


Agricultural Conservation Easements

An agricultural conservation easement is an interest in land, less than fee simple, which represents the right to prevent development or improvement of a parcel for any purpose other than agricultural production.  The agricultural conservation easement may be granted by a farmland owner to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a county agricultural land preservation program, a local government unit or a local land trust.  Easements can be sold or donated.  After an easement is sold or donated, the conservation easement restrictions are recorded in the recorder of deeds office in the county where the easement is located.

Regulations governing the Conservation Easement Purchase Program were most recently amended in 2013.  Individual County Program are developed under the guidelines of the Chapter 138e Regulations.


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