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 Farmland Preservation Monitor Position Summary

The primary purpose of this non-managerial position is to assist the York County Agricultural Land Preservation Board and Program Office meet the mission and agency legislative requirements as authorized by Act 43, Agricultural Area Security Law, as amended by Act 149, The Farmland Preservation Act, specifically in the performance of those duties  in accordance with Chapter 138e.201 - 207, Procedures For The Inspection and Enforcement of an Agricultural Conservation Easement, in compliance with the York County Agricultural Conservation Easement Program Guidelines, Appendix E.  Chapter 138e. 201-207 provides for the inspection of farmlands subject to the provisions of the Deed of Agricultural Conservation Easement.  The position will require training to become proficient in the knowledge of the law, regulations and guidelines to perform the required skills. 

Information regarding application may be found here.  Closing August 3, 2020.

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